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Audio - The Basics of Learning Italian

Alphabet - Learn how to speak the alphabet in Italian

Numbers - After your learnt the Italian alphabet, try learning Italian numbers

Italian Verbs - Verb conjugation, and soon how to speak Italian verbs

Italian Music - Translation and Audio New!

Belle Speranze - Fiorella Mannoia

Strani Amori - Laura Pausini

Caruso - Pavarotti

More music, click here...

Italian Phrases with Audio - Learn Useful Italian Phrases for Everyday Situations



Italian Love Phrases

Restaurant 1

Restaurant 2

Italian Vocabulary (with audio!)

  1. Animals
  2. Beverages
  3. Body
  4. Car
  5. City
  6. Colors
  7. Countries
  8. Family
  9. Fruit
  10. House
  11. School
  12. Sports
  13. Vegetables
  14. Weekdays

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Verbs - Present Tense  

To Have

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